Let’s Get Physical!

Exercise More

Just like for people, exercise is so important for pets! Exercise is not only important for maintaining a healthy weight, but it is also beneficial for heart, lung, muscle, and joint health. Pets who receive regular bouts of exercise tend to be leaner, have better organ function, and more muscle tone. 

In addition to having healthier bodies, exercise also promotes good mental health for pets as well! Playing or exercising with your pets acts as an outlet to expend any excess energy they may have (and save your furniture from boredom chewing)!

There are Many Ways to Exercise

If walking is not for you, there are so many other ways to engage in physical activity with your pet (especially if your pet is not a dog or doesn’t enjoy going for a walk).

Exercise options include:

  • playing with a ball or favorite toy
  • using food puzzles/toys to encourage foraging behavior
  • agility training
  • engaging in outdoor sports like skijoring and bikejoring (only engage in these activities if your pet is comfortable and well trained)

Exotic Pet Exercise

hamster wheel

If you own a reptile, bird, or pocket pet there are ways to increase their exercise as well! Things like swimming, running wheels, walks, foraging behavior, and toys are a great way to encourage our non-traditional pets to exercise as well.

As always, consult your veterinarian for any questions about your specific pet’s exercise needs! Not every pet will like swimming or walking, so it is important to get some specific ideas for your individual pet’s needs.

Now it is YOUR Turn!

What is your favorite way to exercise with your pet? We LOVE to learn how our patients are staying active, and how they keep you active as well. If you have a unique exercise routine, or you just like to share adorable pictures of your pets, please share them with us on Facebook or through our contact information below.


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